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Shanti was known as Patty Owen in her Super Model days. She was regularly featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan magazines. She was also an upcoming actress that appeared on popular TV shows like Miami Vice.

Shanti left the life of glitz and glamour to study yoga, meditation, healing, and transformation work. During this period she adopted the name “Shanti” which means “peace” in the ancient language of sanskrit. Shanti is deeply committed to us finding peace on earth through our intimate relationships. To that end, she has been immersed in over 33 years of research and training in transformational, spiritual, sensual, and relationship modalities. Her major areas of study include Dan Fauci's Actor's Mastery, Werner Erhard's EST training, Transcendental Meditation, Louise L. Hay, More University, The Landmark Forum, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, David Deida, Kabbalah, Personal Dynamics, One Taste, and numerous yoga and tantra programs.


Shanti came up with the idea to be a dating coach after many unhappy relationships sent her looking for answers. Over thirty years of answers! Soon all Shanti's friends were coming to her for dating and relationship coaching advice. So in 2004 Shanti set up shop!


Though Shanti grew up the child of a blue-collar worker, starting with her modeling career and continuing through out her adult life, she developed many liaisons with men and women of fame, wealth, and social standing. Because Shanti often shared their company she has the unique ability, not only to coach the masses that she grew up with, but to coach men and women from this elite echelon of society as well.

Fame, wealth, and power create their own unique set of dating opportunities as well as obstacles that require one schooled within these walls to untangle the maze. Shanti has coached hundreds of prosperous men and women out of the "Sugar Mommy/Sugar Daddy" trap, who now enjoy healthy and fulfilling romantic relationships.



How To Instantly Attract

Beautiful Women

Who Don't Just Want

Your Money!


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