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Memoirs of a Legal Courtesan: A sex/love addict's journey to sobriety (Publication 1/30/18)


















Still gorgeous at 42, former Super Model & rising actress survives the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s, a sexless marriage in the 90’s, and the tragedy of September 11th to become a Legal Courtesan. Life as a legal secretary may sound dull and restrictive. Yet, this sex/love addict found her perfect fishing pool. There were men, men, and more men, right under her nose, and in between her legs.


Super Model turned Super Slut turned Super Hero! Memoirs of a Legal Courtesan: A Sex/Love Addict's Journey to Sobriety is a true-life raw account of a highly visible woman's journey through her sex/love addiction and finally, into recovery and wholeness.


"When I originally began writing my memoirs I thought it would be a titillating romp through my sexcapades as a legal secretary when I was still single and wild. After a loveless and sexless seven-year marriage in the 90's (I know the seven-year itch!) I was ready for a good dose of lust. That is what I thought anyway. Little did I know I was on a journey deep into my sex/love addiction, a journey fraught with painful consequences that ended with me re-married, yet being paid to have sex with wealthy men. Yes, I wanted to believe it was legal. They were merely helping a lady who found herself in a difficult situation.”


A portion of my book sales will go to It is a leading human rights organization fighting modern-day slavery worldwide. Now that I am finally free of my addictive slavery, I hope to help free those enslaved against their will around the world.

Memoirs of a Legal Courtesan A Sex/Love Addict's Journey to Sobriety can be found at



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