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Dating Coach Sessions

Not quite ready for the total DISH - Dating Intensive with Shanti?

Sample a few appetizers with single coaching sessions in bite-size pieces.

PHONE coaching

Distance no longer keeps you from getting the coaching you want! You are only a phone call away.

OUT-OF-TOWN coaching

Available for out-of-town coaching and speaking engagements. Send an email with details of your needs to


Finally, a dating coach you can go-to-town with, literally! Shanti takes her clients out-in-the-field where the dating game takes place. She likes to see her clients in action where constructive adjustments can be implemented immediately.

SKYPE coaching

Skype is a fabulous way to benefit from long-distance coaching. Not only can you be heard, you can be seen too!


Live in NYC or nearby? Come for in-person coaching sessions! Don't live near? Why not come for a fabulous NYC vacation and combine it with a coaching session or two!!


SMALL GROUP coaching

For those that like the group dynamic, or simply on a shoe-string budget, you can organize a group of 2-6 of your friends or colleagues for the same hourly rate as a private session. Hearing others share often sparks those "Ah ha!" moments for ourselves.



How To Instantly Attract

Beautiful Women

Who Don't Just Want

Your Money!


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